Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mysterious Thoughts and Ramblings of Doctor Who

I like to think of myself as mysterious. I've always been drawn to concepts that have to do with spies, secrets, strangers that you often only meet in books. I like to think that I have a mysterious aura, an unreadable face and an unguessable history and life.
It's a fantasy, really, that's only inside my head. I will always be a quiet, open book in reality, however.
Who cares about reality, though, when you could be lost in a world of Shakespeare, John Green, and every book you could ever imagine having? My dream, however dull or lame to you, is to live in a house that has a ginormous library, with so many shelves that you cannot even count them. That would be my refuge, when I'm having a terrible day. The sweet smell of the musty pages from the delightfully old books would be my ultimate comfort. However strange that is to you, it is my dream, and being a dreamer, I believe it can happen.
Secret tunnels always intrigued me. Sorry, that was slightly random. But I love secret tunnels, and those would be all over the library. The pulling of a book; the turn of a shelf; whatever it took, I'd disappear in that house. It could also be a bad thing, though, to have so many secret passageways. If I got lost in there, there wouldn't be a soul that would hear me, and if I died down there in a passage(which, you never know, could happen) they'd never find my body.

Mystery is only one thing that I am drawn to, though, and I'd like to talk about one of my TV obsessions now, because to be honest I've never been so hooked on a show in my life. Doctor Who, a British show about an alien man called the Doctor, is AMAZING. He travels around in a blue police box called the TARDIS--I've forgotten what it stands for, though--and he fights off other aliens and creatures that threaten the Earth. The Doctor, oh the Doctor...I've forgotten how old he is. 1,075? I feel I'm pretty close.
Much to my frustration, new episodes of Doctor Who won't air until Christmas, as a midseason break of sorts.

Goodbye and I really must go,

Unconscious Things I Do While Writing and More

Lately I've noticed, reading over some of my stories, that I base characters off of my friends and foes. Usually the characters look nothing like the people I know, so I don't notice them, but I realized just today that the personality of my character Aiwyn in my story Legend, is uncanny to the personality of my friend Weasley. If you know me in real life, then you probably have no idea who this mysterious Weasley person is--unless, of course, you are Weasley.

I've been wrapped up in quite a few books on my favorite site of all time, It's a really awesome writing site that allows writers such as myself talk about writing and get writing tips from each other. It's a very fun community, and I've made a lot of friends there. Being a writing site, there are a lot of stories on there, and all of them are unbelievably amazing, though there are too many to read all of them. Some of the ones I've been obsessing about currently(meaning, for me, since about four o'clock this very afternoon) are listed below, and I highly suggest you read them.

Finding You
Lady of the Lake
The Lightcatcher(because, you know, GINGERS!)
Run Smooth
The Dragon's Daughter

If you could check these out, even just one of them or a short little chapter of one of them, I'd appreciate it and I know the authors would as well. All of them are incredible writers, with an insane talent that makes me truly jealous.

Bye for the moment,
-The Creativist(Amy Ems will get the term, I'm sure ^_^)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Start Out With

Well, to start out with, I probably won't be blogging much. School is starting this Monday, and I'll be too busy to write in it daily. Maybe a weekly thing, and every time it will be about something different. Maybe a new piece of writing I wrote late at night(probably not late at night, but you get what I mean), a new obsession of mine, things like that.

And here is my first EVER post on this blog. Hopefully I won't forget about it.

Yours truly,